Industry Proven Client Video Solutions for All Platforms

OnStream MediaPlayer+

Market leading, feature-rich premium OTT player SDK.

OnStream MediaPlayer+

Enable cross-platform content delivery and playback on devices.

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A native player API-compatible streaming solution.

ExoPlayer+ AVPlayer+

The all-in-one solution to make the best use of platform components.

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VisualOn HTML5+ Player

The best HTML5 playback experience.

VisualOn HTML5+ Player

Do more with your HTML5 playback service.

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VisualOn User Experience Monitor

Real-time monitoring of individual sessions.

VisualOn User Experience Monitor

Measure and track playback quality of service (QOS) at the client endpoint.

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VisualOn AdFlow

Ad insertion made easy for better monetization.

VisualOn AdFlow

Automated Ad insertion, playback and tracking.

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Software Codecs

Highly optimized codecs with the best performance.

Software Codecs

Highly optimized for quality, performance and power efficiency.

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How Does VisualOn Work to Provide the Best Video Experience

VisualOn is trusted by the world’s top media and tech companies to bring their video content to connected screens with high quality and availability, wide compatibility, differentiated features and functionalities to shorten time-to-market.

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VisualOn Launched HTML5 Solution on AWS Marketplace

VisualOn HTML5+ player with built-in UEM is available on the AWS Marketplace for AWS Media Services users who utilize AWS Elemental MediaConvert or AWS Elemental MediaPackage. Read More >>

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  • Multimedia playback across Android (mobile, SetTopBox, TV), iOS, tvOS, Windows (PC, Xbox) and MacOS, Linux, etc.
  • Highly customizable with advanced features

  • Latest video and audio technologies: AV1, HEVC, H.264, CMAF, etc.


  • Server-side and client-side ads

  • Seamless ad playback and tracking

  • Pre-integration with 3rd party SDKs


  • Reduce churn with real-time monitoring of individual sessions 

  • Unique, pre-defined KPIs for video player

  • Analytics overlay for lab testing and app tuning


  • Comprehensive codecs solution for automotive infotainment 

  • Opus decoder to provide extremely high quality while minimizing power consumption

  • A vast array of supported formats and protocols

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