VisualOn Remote Lab

The VisualOn Remote Lab™ is the industry’s first ultra-low latency testing and debugging suite that can pinpoint and fix video delivery issues – quickly and accurately. You’ve never experienced a remote video testing lab like this before.

Testing and Debugging Challenges

Deploying and maintaining high-quality video services can be frustrating and cumbersome. It requires significant testing and troubleshooting to discover what is causing playback issues before you can even start to debug and qualify devices and streams. Challenges to overcome include:

Getting the necessary stream, devices and video experts together in the same place can be expensive and time consuming

Streams can be geo-blocked and there are export restrictions on certain devices in some countries. 

Today’s virtualization labs lack the ability to properly recreate conditions needed to diagnose video quality problems at high frame rates.

Why Remote Lab Is Better

Within an ultra-low latency environment, Remote Lab resolves the pain points of managing disparate devices, teams and content. Streaming service providers can ensure a consistent quality of service (QoS) standard across viewing devices.

Real-time Remote Test and Debug

Bring together disparate teams, devices, and streams to find and resolve playback issues at high frame rates

Supports a broad spectrum of video platforms

Set up separate lab instances in different locations to monitor from a central control room on TVOS and Android devices, set-top boxes, smart TVs, web browsers, and other streaming devices.

Automates troubleshooting

Machine learning-based automation tools pinpoint the exact moment an issue occurs, and can flag potential problems before they happen through the analytics dashboard. It also enables quick automated testing without needing to write testing scripts

In-house research and development center

Leverage remote resources to develop and test new services with effective cost

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