VisualOn HTML5+ Player

The best browser video experience

  • Give your users the smoothest in-browser experience, with outstanding playback quality and unique features

  • Reduce time to market and costs with object configuration

  • Monitor and monetize your service with VisualOn Analytics and Ad management with VisualOn AdFlow

  • Get the support, reactivity and timely deliveries you expect from an industry leading provider


Why “object configuration” is good for you?

VisualOn HTML5+ Player can be configured by Object rather than by API calls, and it is important.

In the configuration Object, you can embed a number of behavior settings that you can change and tune while still keeping the exact same source code.

It makes the integration far easier and shortens the learning curve for the development teams (less APIs and their calling sequence to know).

But the most important is that it enables on-the-fly tuning of the player and reduces regression testing to the very strict minimum: you can focus on playback results, and not worry about potential regressions due to source code modification side effects.

A few features you may appreciate

  • Low latency for Live content
  • Smooth transitions from dynamic manifest (Live with DVR) to static manifest
  • Support for fragmented MP4 for HLS (CMAF)
  • Thumbnail scrubbing based on webVTT file
  • Enhanced Chromecast sender/receiver
  • AirPlay and Picture-in-picture (Safari)
  • Support for server-side Ad constructs (DASH multi-period, HLS EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY tag)
  • Large set of subtitle formats (webVTT, SRT, TTML, etc.)
  • Multiple speed playback
  • Automatic bitrate adaptation and/or stream quality selection

check the Developer page for details