VisualOn WatchParty ShowTime

WatchParty ShowTime™ is our advanced co-watching feature. ShowTime empowers viewers to interact in real-time with celebs, musicians, commentators, athletes, and other VIPs by posting their questions and comments to a dedicated chat room. ShowTime breaks geographic barriers to broadcasting, enabling you to offer audiences a customized live dubbing experience via digital, social, mobile, and OTT platforms, boosting engagement and your ROI. 

Perfect the Virtual Group Watching Experience

WatchParty ShowTime Workflow: 

  • WatchParty ShowTime receives an event’s broadcast feeds
  • Passes them to assigned commentators
  • Mix together to export synchronized video and audio feed for delivery to digital, social, mobile, and OTT platforms

Customized Live Dubbing: 

  • Content providers can offer an event with different commentators
  • Viewers can select videos with different commentators 
  • Enable viewers to post comments to dedicated chat room

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