Change the way viewers engage with video content

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VisualOn WatchParty

The VisualOn WatchParty™ is our co-watching solution to change the way viewers engage with video content. Allow viewers to enjoy real-time text, audio, and video chat while watching online LIVE and VoD with friends and family. WatchParty ShowTime™ feature empowers viewers to interact in real-time with celebs, musicians, commentators, athletes, and other VIPs and enhances events commentary and live streaming experience. Click here for more information.

Perfect the Virtual Group Watching Experience

VisualOn WatchParty Features and Benefits

VisualOn WatchParty allows groups to simultaneously watch content and chat without missing a beat. 

Co-stream LIVE and VoD in Sync

  • Video-audio synchronization while watching with multiple friends and family
  • Support all streaming services including LIVE and VoD

Remote Voice Sync for LIVE

With VisualOn Sync technology, it’s possible to sync audio commentaries coming from distant locations to the video of the event

Real-time Text, Audio, and Video Chat

VisualOn WatchParty allows groups to simultaneously watch content and chat without missing a beat

Room Management with Private Groups   

Users can host and set the max number of a watch group. Both host and guest have lots of flexibilities.

Enable Analytics Integration

VisualOn WatchParty is able to be integrated with VisualOn Analytics and 3rd party analytics tools to better understand your viewer engagements.

Support Multiple Platforms

VisualOn WatchParty is available on iOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms

Advanced Features Makes a Stunning Experience

VisualOn WatchParty perfect the user experience with echo cancellation technology, which will solve the noise issue when using speakers.

A New Way to See Returns on 5G Investments

VisualOn WatchParty will make your 5G solution stand out with seamless viewing experience

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