At VisualOn, because of our experience over 15 years in deploying successful solutions worldwide, we know the meaning of “helping our customers” in a constantly changing ecosystem.

We know what it takes to build a multi-screen, end-to-end solution and we know the importance of the last mile: the video client.

Over the years, we have built up the most comprehensive offering of multimedia player SDKs, enabling the best end-user experience across platforms.

We are constantly enhancing our solutions, adding more platforms, more features and anticipating new technologies and market trends, such as client-side watermarking and low-latency streaming.

We know also that close, person-to-person relationships and direct customer support are the keys to success.

Our worldwide support team is here to help during the whole life-cycle of your projects: from integration, to lab testing and fine tuning, from final QA to launch on the market and monitoring of the service.

We are recognized for our ability to tackle complex issues under tight time constraints – whatever your problem is, we will help you find the cause, and, if needed, address fixes or specific features in a timely manner.

Our sales teams are always available for on-site visits to understand your plans for now and the future, share our roadmap and discuss what will be the shape of your next service.

And since each project is different, you may want to share yours to us now: please contact us!

What our customers say

Over the last several years, Telefonica and VisualOn have partnered to enable OTT Video Streaming services across Latin America. Telefonica and VisualOn have resolved many issues across a myriad number of devices and networks to ensure a high quality of service under challenging conditions. VisualOn’sOnStream MediaPlayer+ Video Framework deployed on Android and iOS supports features such as HLS and Smooth Streaming coupled to PlayReady DRM.

The OnStream MediaPlayer+ Video Framework enables Telefonica to smoothly add more services in the apps, such as Download Manager, which enables consumers to download and watch content offline as well as the use of MPEG-DASH for expanded cross-platform interoperability.

Telefonica looks forward to its continued partnership with VisualOn, not only to maintain the outstanding OTT services that Telefonica currently provides, but to expand platform coverage and implement new technologies to reduce network latencies, support ad insertion and utilize real-time quality of service monitoring to optimize user experience.