VisualOn Optimizer

Bandwidth needs are increasing these days. VisualOn Optimizer is an effective way to optimize your bandwidth usage and reduce content delivery costs. By comparing the optimized contents to the original contents, you will be able to see significant savings proven over a vast diversity of different content types while maintaining better or comparable quality

High Efficiency

VisualOn Optimizer takes an intelligent, rather than brute force, approach to optimization. It reduces video bitrate by up to 60% while maintaining image quality.

Machine Learning Technology

Protected patent-pending technology that is a combination of efficient Machine Learning model and our deep domain knowledge through decades of aggregated experience

Improve Quality of Experience

VisualOn Optimizer utilizes edge detection algorithm and finds key frames in the video sequence to provide high quality video with minimum bitrate. 

Easily Deployed

VisualOn Optimizer works with any software or hardware encoder, supports both VoD and Live content and can be inserted in any encoding workflow

Features and Benefits

Big Buck Bunny 1080p AVC  Left FFmpeg 2.4Mbps – Right Optimizer 1.4Mbps

  • Using the minimum bitrate to achieve the target quality
  • Enables savings while maintaining end-user visual quality
  • Improvements are content dependent
    • Up to 60% or more in bandwidth reduction, more than 20% on average
    • In general, more savings for higher quality contents
  • Seeing is believing. Contact us and try out our easy-to-use evaluation package