VisualOn Optimizer – The First Universal CAE Solution for Video Streaming

VisualOn Optimizer is the industry’s first Universal Content-Adaptive Encoding solution for video streaming. The AI-enhanced solution continuously analyzes content in real-time to determine the best transcoder settings for outstanding video quality and lower bitrates.

Using Optimizer, you can reduce bitrates by an average of 40% and up to 70% to improve bandwidth efficiency, storage costs, service scalability, user experience, and energy savings. At the same bitrate, it also improves visual quality as bits are more appropriately allocated to where they are needed.

As shown in this diagram, Optimizer integrates into an existing encoding workflow with minimum change. It takes the uncompressed video after the Scaler and sends uncompressed video to the Encoder in addition to the encoder control parameters.

Features and Benefits

VisualOn Case Study

Intigral Optimizes Streaming Efficiency With Content-Adaptive Encoding

VisualOn Optimizer reduces bitrates by up to 70% without replacing the existing encoder

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Left FFmpeg 7.8Mbps – Right VisualOn Optimizer 2.8Mbps

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    Save Bandwidth, Maintain Quality with VisualOn Optimizer