VisualOn’s all-in-one media client solution, fully API-compatible with natively available media players – ExoPlayer for Android, AVPlayer for iOS – as well as HTLM5.

With built-in analytics, bundled content protection and AdFlow management, the ExoPlayer+/AVPlayer+ is all you need to deliver and monetize video services to any connected screens in a timely manner and optimize quality of service.


Do more and faster with native players

See MediaPlatform for HTML5
  • All-in-one SDKs fully API-compatible with Android ExoPlayer, iOS AVPlayer and HTML5

  • Including built-in QoS analytics and diagnosis tools for playback session details and field troubleshooting

  • Available DRM and AdFlow modules for bundling

  • Adding outstanding features while still fully compliant with the native components’ original interfaces

  • Pre-tested and validated for ready production

  • Flexible support packages backed by hundreds of years of accumulated multimedia experience

Some key features include:

  • Advanced CMAF support for low latency – adjust starting playback point, reduced starting buffering time, 1.5x playback to catch up with live stream, etc.)
  • Enhanced performance – e.g. reduced starting buffering time on Android
  • i-Frames-only playback and webVTT-based thumbnail scrubbing
  • Versatile subtitle support – including external subtitle files on iOS
  • Pre-integrated DRM choices – Verimatrix on Android, Widevine on Android, FairPlay on iOS and etc.
  • Advanced Output Control
  • Built-in deep playback metrics, with your own cloud-based storage and dashboards
  • Seamless standards-based AdFlow, playback and tracking
  • Offline playback, VR/360°, advanced Chromecast support, and more