VisualOn released the advanced HTML5 video player solution

As plugins are starting to be phased out, HTML5 is becoming the preferred solution for notebooks, desktops and some smart TVs. To address this need, VisualOn has expanded its player platforms to include VisualOn HTML5 Player. This joins the Android, iOS and plugin-based solutions that provide smooth, stable video playback across a wide variety of devices.

VisualOn also provides plugin solutions as well as players for standalone video apps.
“Our HTML5 player compliments our solution portfolio to enable our customers to deliver
seamless video content across nearly any platform and protocol.”
—— Yang Cai, CEO

The VisualOn HTML5 Player is already being deployed with customers and some of the benefits include:
•Giveyour users the smoothest in-browser experience, with outstanding playback
quality and unique features
•VisualOn HTML5 Player object configuration reduces time to market and costs
•Monitor your service with VisualOn Analytics and fully automated ad management with
•Available on for browsers on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and SmartTVs

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