Enhancing Remote Lab Experience: BitRipple and VisualOn Showcase Collaborative Innovation at NAB 2024

Cupertino, Calif. — April 8, 2024 — NAB Booth #W3225 BitRipple and VisualOn are thrilled to unveil their joint demo at NAB 2024, showcasing the seamless integration of VisualOn’s remote collaboration solution with BitRipple Tunnel. This collaboration exemplifies their commitment to enhancing the Remote Lab experience.

The demo introduces a real-time full frame rate tool for remote development, testing, and debugging, uniting diverse teams, devices, and content to efficiently address streaming issues and elevate user experiences.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with VisualOn, combining BitRipple Tunnel and VisualOn Remote Lab to enable flawless remote collaboration,” said Mike Luby, Cofounder and CEO of BitRipple. “This partnership reflects our strategic focus on enhancing interactive experiences such as remote collaboration and testing within the streaming ecosystem.”

Accelerating data movement between endpoints across any network, BitRipple Tunnel™ ensures minimal latency even in fluctuating network conditions. Its seamless integration into existing setups and compatibility with all apps, servers, and clients make it a versatile solution for optimizing time-sensitive data transfers.

Designed to resolve video playback issues during peak streaming demand, VisualOn’s Remote Lab enhances the capabilities showcased in our joint demo. It provides a comprehensive solution for efficient issue diagnosis and resolution, ensuring a seamless streaming experience for users.

“We are excited to showcase our combined expertise at NAB 2024,” said Yang Cai, President and CEO of VisualOn. “Our collaboration with BitRipple underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and enhancing the streaming experience.”

As NAB 2024 approaches, we are excited to unveil our collaborative venture. BitRipple and VisualOn warmly invite you to experience our joint demo firsthand at the VisualOn booth W3225.  Join us as we lead the way in shaping the future of video streaming!


About BitRipple:  BitRipple software solutions enable delivery of high-quality content with consistently tight latencies in challenging wireless network environments. These solutions facilitate the flawless interactive experiences required by use cases such remote collaboration, cloud gaming, cloud AR/VR, drone and robot teleoperation, and real-time data delivery between airborne vehicles and ground units. BitRipple is headquartered in Berkeley, California.  More information is available at www.bitripple.com.