Upcoming Trade Show: NAB2023

April 16-19th. Las Vegas Convention Center Booth W1557

Meet with us at NAB2023 to discuss how we can help you create extraordinary experiences for your streaming services. Our customers want more than just out-of-the-box video player functionality. We’d like to show you how. Don’t underestimate the power of the play button.

Please feel free to contact your regional sales or book a meeting with us so we can demonstrate our most innovative video player features and customer service options

Big Buck Bunny 1080p AVC
Left FFmpeg 2.4Mbps – Right VisualOn Optimizer 1.4Mbps

VisualOn Optimizer
Bandwidth needs are increasing these days. VisualOn Optimizer is an effective way to optimize your bandwidth usage and reduce content delivery costs. Come try out our easy-to-use evaluation package at our booth W1557

VisualOn Remote Lab Finds and Resolves Video Playback Issues Remotely

VisualOn Remote Lab 2.0
Remote production is coming to the next level. With the introduction of 5G, broadcasters can realize greater bandwidth, lower latency, and a defined quality of service. Meanwhile, deploying and maintaining high-quality video services can be frustrating and cumbersome. It requires significant testing and troubleshooting to discover what is causing playback issues before you can even start to debug and qualify devices and streams.

VisualOn WatchParty Changes the Way Viewers Engage with Video Content

VisualOn WatchParty
The VisualOn WatchParty™ is our co-watching solution to change the way viewers engage with video content. Allow viewers to enjoy real-time text, audio, and video chat while watching online LIVE and VoD with friends and family. WatchParty ShowTime™ feature empowers viewers to interact in real-time with celebs, musicians, commentators, athletes, and other VIPs and enhances events commentary and live streaming experience.

VisualOn 5G MultiStream Sync Demo with KT (video content belongs to Naver)

VisualOn 5G MultiStream Sync
Streams are synchronized, allowing multiple camera angles to be in sync – allowing the consumption of live sports and music to be significantly better than traditional broadcast TV. VisualOn MultiStream Sync Supports multi-stream playback, decoding is done via hardware, software, or both, depending on device capabilities – on 5G and other high bandwidth networks

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