Meet VisualOn at NAB 2024

Upcoming Trade Show: NAb2024

April 14-17th.  Las Vegas Convention Center Booth W3225

The 2024 NAB Show will feature VisualOn’s innovative solutions to the growing challenges of video streaming. The company’s AI-enhanced content-adaptive encoding (CAE) solution, the VisualOn Optimizer, and premium streaming media players will be showcased.

VisualOn’s AI-Enhanced Optimizer

VisualOn will unveil Optimizer Hi-Fi, a cutting-edge video transcoding solution that reduces storage requirements of high-quality source video files by up to 80% while maintaining visual quality. The Optimizer shrinks video bitrates, lowers operating expenses, and improves user experience KPIs such as start-up time and buffering ratio. Different versions of the Optimizer will be displayed for various use cases.

VisualOn Media Platform (VMP)

VisualOn will also showcase its VMP premium streaming media players at the show. These API-compliant solutions are easy to deploy and fully customizable, accelerating the time-to-market for video services. Beyond playback, these media players can monitor QoS, deliver targeted advertising, and ensure robust content protection. VisualOn’s experienced support team provides engineering services to streamline integration, customization, optimization, and troubleshooting throughout the lifespan of a customer’s video streaming service.

Mark your calendars and join us at NAB2024 for hands-on demos!

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    Left FFmpeg 7.8Mbps – Right VisualOn Optimizer 2.8Mbps

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