VisualOn Launches Remote Lab to Ensure Consistent Playback Quality for OTT Service Providers

Visualon has customers, field support, R&D and operations across the globe. The deployment and maintenance of video services requires significant testing, troubleshooting, debugging and qualification of devices and streams. Getting the necessary stream, hardware and people together in the same place can be expensive and time consuming. To handle this, VisualOn developed Remote Lab for our own internal use as well as to support customers. Remote Lab provides ultra-low latency, 60 fps remote control, testing and debugging of devices, streams and apps, allowing collaborative work and device management between teams across the globe. Furthermore, ML-based automation tools help locate trouble spots in streams, allowing experts to quickly locate and identify issues.

Shelter-in-place restrictions have led to greater usage of video streaming services but has exacerbated the problems of keeping high-quality streams always available to customers and made support more difficult. In additional to increasing our internal usage of Remote Lab, VisualOn has decided to offer Remote Lab as a service to our customers and partners to better enable the safe, secure maintenance of streaming systems.

VisualOn currently has two Remote Lab sites, in the US and EU, and can deploy more in other regions or on prem. Remote Lab can address smartphones/tablets (Android and iOS), STBs (Android and Linux), PCs (Mac and Windows) and smart TVs. 

VisualOn uses Remote Lab to share devices between teams and locations without having to buy and ship additional equipment (and dealing with customers and export restrictions). Furthermore, geo-blocked streams can be remotely tested without the use of a VPN. 

Remote Lab for Android phones/tablets:

Written by: 

Michael Jones
SVP and Head of Business Development