How to Stand Out in a Glut of Streaming Services

As the direct-to-consumer market expands, subscription fatigue is becoming a real threat. Consumers simply will not want to navigate different apps, keep track of what is playing where and not benefit from comprehensive interactive features such as recommendations. They have the option to rotate monthly subscriptions, do without, or find ways to access content for free (e.g. piracy or account sharing).

These issues place content and streaming services in a difficult position: content development and licensing is expensive and prices need to support these costs.

In the latest issue of OTT Exec Magazine, I outline why D2C services should look to the latest technology to deliver the best QoE/QoS. This is the easiest and most cost-effective strategy that will not only deliver better viewing experiences, but also save bandwidth, which of course saves money and allows the service to reach customers who otherwise might not have connections suitable for watching video. This can ultimately open up new markets, new customers and new business models.

Read our Best Practices article, “Balancing Price, Content and Experience Creates Winners and Losers of Streaming Video” and let us know if you feel QoE will be the main element to build a strong connection with the subscriber, and therefore long-term success.

In our new ebook, “The Netflix Effect on Direct-to-Consumer Services: Balancing the Levers of Price, Content, Quality of Experience,” we break down Netflix’s strategy, how it has impacted this market, and what it tells other D2C services that are competing for consumer attention. 

We determined that there are three basic levers that determine the success of any streaming service from a consumer perspective – the cost of the subscription, the content included in that subscription and the quality of the viewing experience. 

Download the ebook to see if you agree with our analysis and conclusions on what we are calling The Netflix Effect on D2C services.

Written by: 

Michael Jones
SVP and Head of Business Development