EiTV Selects VisualOn Optimizer to Enhance Video Streaming Efficiency

CUPERTINO, Calif. — March 29, 2024 — VisualOn, a pioneer in video software technology, today announced a new collaboration with EiTV, a leading digital entertainment and media solutions provider. EiTV has successfully implemented the VisualOn Optimizer, the industry’s first universal content-adaptive encoding (CAE) solution, resulting in substantial savings in CDN bandwidth and storage costs.

VisualOn Optimizer is an AI-enhanced CAE solution that offers unparalleled performance and seamless integration with existing encoding and delivery systems. As a single-pass transcoding technology currently integrated with FFmpeg, Optimizer supports VOD and live services without added latency. Optimizer addresses EiTV’s growing challenge of costly and bandwidth-intensive video streaming by dynamically analyzing content to determine the optimal transcoder settings while achieving target quality.

“VisualOn Optimizer has proven to be a game-changer for us,” said Rodrigo Cascão Araujo, CEO of EiTV. “By optimizing our VOD catalog, Optimizer has dramatically reduced our bandwidth consumption and CDN storage costs while maintaining video quality. It’s a win-win for us and our customers.”

As a key player in the digital entertainment industry, EiTV is committed to delivering high-quality video content while improving operational efficiency. By using Optimizer, EiTV is reducing video bit rates in excess of 40% on average while enhancing QoE KPIs and simultaneously reducing bandwidth and storage. EiTV did not need to change its encoder software or add hardware. Optimizer effortlessly integrates as an FFmpeg plug-in, making it easy to incorporate into EiTV’s workflow. Furthermore, Optimizer is compression format-agnostic, codec-agnostic, and player-agnostic.

“In today’s competitive market, achieving cost efficiency while maintaining or enhancing viewing quality is paramount for video delivery service providers,” said Yang Cai, president and CEO of VisualOn. “We are thrilled to collaborate with EiTV to deliver unparalleled entertainment experiences to end users across all devices while significantly reducing streaming costs.”

Further information about VisualOn and the company’s solutions is available at www.visualon.com.