VisualOn-Leading US IPTV Operator’s Advanced Open Platform Integration, together by Vantiva

Discover how VisualOn enhances multimedia playback on leading US IPTV operator’s advanced open platform! Click below to download the whitepaper and learn:

  • Our collaboration with the operator and its impact on multimedia delivery.
  • Key highlights such as real-time DLNA support, dynamic ad transitions, and more.
  • How VisualOn’s OSMP+ player optimizes rendering for high-quality content.

VisualOn has announced its successful integration of cutting-edge technology into the advanced open platform of a leading US IPTV operator, facilitated through Vantiva.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in delivering exceptional video playback experiences to subscribers worldwide.

The advanced open platform represents a shift from proprietary middleware to embracing the Android TV ecosystem for its new set-top box (STB). This strategic move allows the operator to tap into Android TV’s extensive app store, speeding up integration of third-party SVOD applications and enhancing user experiences.

VisualOn has a longstanding partnership with the operator, supporting Android and iOS apps with its player. With the transition to Android TV-based middleware, VisualOn’s role has expanded. Its OSMP+ player is now widely deployed in the operator’s Android TV devices, ensuring seamless playback and compatibility.

The integration includes several notable features such as real-time support for DLNA-specific messaging and DTCP-protected content, smooth trick play operations for enhanced user control and experience, dynamic handling of ad and content transitions for uninterrupted viewing, optimised rendering for MPEG2/MPEG4 content to ensure high-quality playback, and rigorous testing and validation in the operator’s Remote Lab for compatibility and performance.

This successful deployment highlights VisualOn’s dedication to innovative solutions in multimedia playback. In Q4 2023, the operator began replacing proprietary appliances with open Android-based devices, integrating VisualOn’s OSMP+ player for video playback.

Gain detailed insights by joining us at the NAB 2024 press conference on April 15 at 11 a.m. in room N249 of the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

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