VisualOn HTML5+ Player with Built-in UEM is Coming Soon on AWS Marketplace

VisualOn’s HTML5+ player, with built-in, real-time User Experience Monitor, provides the smoothest in-browser experience with minimal buffering as well as a wide array of advanced features. Our proprietary bitrate adaptation solution saves costs, reduces bandwidth, enables faster video startup time; this allows VisualOn’s HTML5+ player to deliver the best user experience. Our HTML5+ player solution supports on-the-fly tuning of the player and reduces regression testing to the bare minimum; you can focus on the best playback and not worry about potential issues due to source code modification side-effects.

HTML5+ Player Features on AWS Marketplace: 

  • Streaming protocol and format
    • VOD; Live
    • HLS; DASH; PD
  • Advanced player features
    • CMAF Low Latency
    • Subtitle
      • ClosedCaption CEA 608/708, TTML, WebVTT, SRT
      • Subtitle Front Styling
    • Ad: AWS Elemental MediaTalior: Server-side stitching and Client-side ad tracking
    • Chromcast: VisualOn Saas hosting receiver
    • WebVTT Preview Thumbnails
  • Build-in UEM
    • Reduce Churn: Real-time monitoring of specific playback sessions for precise field troubleshooting
    • Increase Customer Service Effieiency: Reduce support cost
    • Service Optimization: Real-time analytics overlay for service tuning
    • Unique KPIs: Unique, pre-defined KPIs for video player
  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, Opera

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